Finally finished True Blood last night. These are my picks for the top three best parts of the series. Surprise: they are all Eric.


An interaction between art and bystander that carries no particular meaning. Just a flat lady and a real lady who look kind of interesting next to each other.

Best piece of Homeland-related art since homelandimprovement.

Fuck no!

Fuck no!

I commissioned this piece of art

I commissioned this piece of art


As a person who now works in marketing/advertising/&c., reads AdAge and has a firmer grasp of business (compared to when I started using Tumblr as a 20-year-old/kewl guy), I have yet to understand how Yahoo really plans to monetize Tumblr without ruining it.

(Example: The sponsored posts are stupid and trivial. One time I posted the words, “Home Depot” and I had sponsored content from Home Depot appear in my feed for a week. I don’t know what the message was supposed to be. It didn’t work.)

Having used Tumblr for nearly 6 years (…whoa), all I’ve noticed in the last year since the Yahoo purchase is an increase of corporate users and a decline in posting by great original content providers ( honeyjetsjoumanakayrouz being my favorites/notables). Whether the original content providers posting habits going south is coincidental isn’t relevant - Tumblr is seven years old and hasn’t drastically made waves, outside of select internet types. Monetizing is practically impossible, and to do well.

Back when I used to spend all day gchatting with various Michigan girls