• Some kind of majestic sandpiper or something!
  • Some kind of little black bird with pearlescent wingtips!
  • A majestic mallard in flight!
  • A fucking falcon, soaring above the river!
  • The falcon again, later on!
  • An ugly fucking turkey vulture, by the side of the road!
  • Another turkey vulture, in flight! Majestic!
  • A majestic-as-fuck red-tailed hawk, in flight!
“I wrote this post for Tumblr originally but then I was like fuck it.”
A publicist emailed me something about Tim Lincecum appearing at an event sponsored by Popchips, but all I see is this.

A publicist emailed me something about Tim Lincecum appearing at an event sponsored by Popchips, but all I see is this.


  • Little tiny REI little kid backpack, light grey
  • ’80s backpack: grey and dark grey with slightly diagonal red outer zippered pockets and lots of pencil holders inside
  • Black JanSport backpack, or maybe grey
  • Dark green Eddie Bauer backpack with lots of pockets and flaps, eventually became not punk enough so I put a Citizen Fish patch on it
  • Crummy backpacking backpack from Price Club, too big for school but I used it anyway because I was weird
  • My dad’s hella old North Face backpack, dark green, got ripped apart during a fight in 8th grade :(
  • A brand-new North Face backpack, bright red, wasn’t punk enough so I didn’t use it for very long
  • My friend Brendan’s kid brother’s old backpack, black and plain, said “Loopid” in marker on the light grey bit on the bottom, so I blacked it out with more marker
  • Really good backpacking backpack from REI for my first trip to Europe
  • The best backpack I ever had, a small vintage North Face backpack, in gold, gave it to a girl I liked when she went off to grad school, because she’d always admired it (and it worked - she eventually had sex with me)
  • Dolores Chiller by Timbuk2, traveled me all over the USA*
  • D-Lux Laptop Messenger Racing Stripe by Timbuk2, traveled me to Berlin*
  • Small roll-top messenger by Mission Workshop, bright red, traveled me to Michigan and back a bunch of times*
  • Extra-large custom backpack by Timbuk2, in shiny vinyl red, white and blue, travels me to the laundromat and back every few weeks*

I know not all of these are backpacks per se, but I’m using Vic’s piece as precedent. (I saw the “history of backpacks” tag and really wanted to partake.)

*Bags I got for free because of blogging, nbd


I dreamed I was at Coachella (only it sort of wasn’t Coachella). Here is a list of the bands I saw perform:

  • Thee Oh Sees
  • Dreamdate
  • Natalie and the Galatzers
  • Journey
  • Naughty By Nature
  • The band that plays that “real human being, real hero” song in Drive
  • Ryan and the Goslings
  • Madonna
  • Radiohead II

Thee Oh Sees were the best, obvs, but Natalie’s band was fucking AWESOME, and Radiohead II was waaay better than Radiohead. Also, I’m totally gonna start a band called Ryan and the Goslings.


Top to bottom: Nick the drummer from White Fence, some friend of theirs whose birthday it was, Carson Daly, John Dwyer, DJ Purple.

The reviews are in! My blog’s hot new look for fall is a hit! (Thanks, Colleen!)